Quality Consulting

Consistently delivering quality products and services to customers is the sign of being a matured organization. Though not impossible, the task of achieving consistent quality is extremely challenging, considering the fact that it is difficult to define, measure, and control the quality of the software.

vCentric offers array of model specific Quality Consulting Services that includes:

Implementation consultancy on ISO 9001:2000 series of standards
Process Improvement Initiatives through Integrated Capability Maturity Model (CMMi)

ISO 9001:2000

The ISO 9001:2000 series of standards is a set of generic standards for quality management published by International Organization of Standardization (ISO). These standards can be applied to any organizations regardless of its size or Industry. It can help both product and service oriented organizations in achieving standards of quality. These standards are process-centric-they are concerned with how the organization defines and manages its process.

Currently, National Standards bodies in over 153 countries support ISO 9001:2000. This makes it one of the most popular quality standards.

The decision to implement ISO 9001:2000 standard may be taken to achieve the following goals:

arrow Improve organization productivity and efficiency
arrow Improved quality (as measured by defects)
arrow Improve organization productivity and efficiency
arrow Improved quality (as measured by defects)
arrow Enhance customer satisfaction
arrow Preferential treatment and Repeat Business
arrow Reduce costs
arrow Increase confidence of the customers in your production system
arrow Encourages and motivates people within the organization

vCentric provides consultancy for ISO 9001:2000 on the following:

arrow Initiating Action Plan for ISO implementation
arrow Establish Quality group
arrow Train all employees on ISO 9001:2000 model at various levels
arrow Conduct process and documentation training for the process engineering team of your organization.
arrow Developing and Implementing the QMS
arrow Define the structure of Quality Management System (QMS)
arrow Gather input required for developing the QMS
arrow Develop the Quality Manual
arrow Develop process, policy and other components of the QMS
arrow Review the QMS
arrow Conduct pilot implementations in functions and selected projects
arrow Release the QMS
arrow Train staff on QMS and concepts required to implement the QMS
arrow Internal Assessment of the Implementation
arrow Train internal auditors
arrow Plan and conduct internal audits
arrow Conduct management reviews
arrow Use internal audit report and other input to fine tune the QMS documentation and its implementation.

Software Process Consulting Services

arrow Process model selection/identification of process improvement areas
arrow Process definition
arrow Process implementation and training
arrow Process measurement & analysis program
arrow Process demonstration and audit services
arrow Software quality assurance & testing services
arrow Enterprise project office tool implementation

Process Improvement Methodology

vCentric adopts a four phase approach towards delivering an integrated software improvement service to its clients. Each phase has well-defined objectives with the entry and exit criteria documented in the overall software improvement project plan. This ensures that the process improvement project remains focused towards delivering tangible business benefits to the client.

Phase I: Process Discovery - Aimed at systematically planning the software process initiative of the client organization

Phase II: Process Definition - Aimed at facilitating process definition & building process awareness within the client organization

Phase III: Process Piloting
- Aimed at validating and fine-tuning the processes before going in for organization-wide deployment

Phase IV: Process Deployment - Aimed at institutionalizing the new/enhanced processes in the client organization