About vCentric
Whether manufacturer or retailer, wholesaler or distributor companies serving consumers must make better use of all the assets available to them. Even as they create new products and services, companies must routinely scrutinize their operations to find ways to increase efficiency. vCentric’s work with many of the largest companies in the world from leading retailers to multi-national consumer products manufacturers has involved providing strategic guidance and implementing the practical use of critical business processes. We have extensive experience in key functional areas, including customer relationship management, supply chain management, product lifecycle management, risk management, world-class finance and human capital management.

Today, sophisticated and market conscious consumers create intense competition and cost-control pressures, forcing businesses to keep a sharp eye on bottom-line results, while not losing sight of the very consumers they were built to serve. Factor in traditionally lean margins and the drive to generate top-line revenue, and you have an overriding business imperative not only to grow, but to grow smartly. To compete more effectively in the global marketplace, all the players in the demand chain need practical, innovative problem solving. Two such approaches include reducing costs through advanced supply chain practices, and growing revenue through a better understanding of consumer needs and behavior. Together, both approaches can link up-stream and down-stream activities for a more synchronous and profitable business environment.

At vCentric, we listen to our clients’ specific needs and then work with them to create an actionable and sustainable approach. On average, our people bring 12 years of industry-specific experience to their engagements, along with a fierce drive to solve their clients’ toughest business challenges.

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