Due Diligence and Assessments
The most important aspect of any project is the planning activity. This has more relevance in SAP projects. Many SAP projects find surprises during the execution part due to the unanticipated issues that arise. This result in delayed go-live dates, effort overrun, higher costs, unplanned resource ramp up/down, additional testing, data issues and compromise on certain areas. These can be avoided to a great extent by having a higher attention towards certain aspects in the planning stage.

vCentric’ Business Consulting Group (BCG) developed a methodology for planning and estimating projects. This methodology revolves around 40+ dimensions and is designed for the following types of engagements.
arrow Business Transformation
arrow Upgrades
arrow System consolidation
arrow Templates and Rollouts
arrow Application support and Managed services
During the due diligence and assessment phases, major emphasis is given to understand if the risks are anticipated well. Based on our experience and real time problems faced, vCentric consultants have come up with a methodology to conduct the due diligence and assessments with a defined entry & exit criteria for each of the phases. vCentric is confident of adding tremendous value and appraising customers of potential risks, if any, towards the end of the detailed study.